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About Us :: is a third party company committed to improving the quality of people’s lives by providing online prescription information - medicine through the Internet. We find pharmacies who specialize in consulting with privacy-minded individuals and prescribing popular medications. Some of these medications, sometimes called "embarrassment" drugs, are prescribed and dispensed by their physicians and pharmacists. is ready to help people get the treatment they need.

The Internet has revolutionized a patient's ability to research their own health problems and independently discover the available options of treatment. Your encouraged to review all medical information to learn about treatment options before making a decision to submit a consultation form to a physician.

Many patients prefer the ease of an online consultation as opposed to a conversation with one's personal physician. The patient is benefited by technology and the online consultations greatly ease the patients' anxiety about discussing their medical conditions. It is not our position that the Internet could ever replace the importance of seeing your doctor directly, regularly, and in person. And, it is important that you seriously consider a full physical exam specifically to evaluate possible causes for your problem as you consider using prescription drugs.

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